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New York Hoop Scene

25 Oct

Check out this sweet video posted by Rich at Isopop. It left me smiling. 🙂
(parental advisory: one “swear” word around 1:50 for those watching with kiddos nearby).


Heart Hooping

19 Oct

Christabel Zamor, HoopGirl founder, shot this commercial in South Africa with Heart FM, a radio station based in London, in support of their “feel good” ad campaign.

Isn’t it great!?

Nick in the Circle

12 Oct

I first met Nick at the Hoop Technique workshop in Boulder, and I was immediately drawn to his style of hooping. He has amazing flow…you would never guess he’s only been hooping since January! It was great to catch up to him at Hoopcamp again…here are a few videos I took of him while we were there. Enjoy!

*The lighting is poor…we were at a fire hoop jam at night*

Remember that one time at Hoopcamp?

5 Oct

Hoopcamp is over…but I’m still reeling from all of the new inspiration! I will be writing a longer post about my experience there, but I do have all the photos edited (links below) and wanted to share them with you. I will also be making a highlight video, but that is going to take a bit more time 🙂

It was a truly magical weekend and I have been completely transformed as a hooper. Here are some highlights:

See the full album:
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The Hooping Family Tree

31 Aug

Lara of Superhooper fame is taking on a HUGE project…and I love it. She is creating a “Hooping Family Tree” to show the beautiful connections between all hoopers.

Click on over to her site right now and enter your information, including your “hoop parent”! It only takes a minute. You can also support this project by shopping at Superhooper and Hoop Pretty.

If you aren’t reading Lara’s blog, Hooposophy, on a regular basis…you should be! Her writing is thought-provoking, original, and intelligent. I love me some Lara!

Bozeman Hoopers

28 Aug

The Bozeman Hoopers meet up 4 blocks from our campsite in Bozeman…so you can imagine how excited I get on Friday mornings! We’ve been riding our bikes down there the past couple of weeks…and we’ll be here for one more session before we head West.

I’ve learned so much from these ladies! It’s so fun to hoop with different people everywhere we go because everyone has such different styles and each is interested in different movements.  I try to be very intentional about seeking out hoopers in the cities we visit for this reason. The Bozeman group is especially delightful because everyone is super new to hooping (just this summer)…so there is a different energy there than there is with a group that has been hooping for a long time. Love it. More photos here.

Questions of the day: Who do you hoop with? Do you have a hoop group that you meet up with? If it appears that you are the only hooper in your area…have you taken steps to start a group?

Golden Hoops

23 Jul

We’re currently living in Golden, Colorado and I was thrilled to find out that there is a lot of hoop love happenin’ around here. I’m guessing that is partly due to the fact that String Cheese Incident got their start in Colorado, and some might say they are responsible for the rise of modern hooping (throwing hoops into the crowds at their shows). Speaking of SCI, they are playing just a few minutes down the road from us all weekend (at Red Rocks). Apparently there are hoopers coming in from all around the country for that event! I might have to sneak down there for a bit.

Anywhoo…this week we took some classes from Golden’s hoopin’ girl, Danielle Odette. She holds a kids class on Tuesday nights at the Golden Community Center and an adult class downtown at Buffalo Rose on Wednesdays. She also teaches in Denver…check out her website for more info. If you’re in the area, be sure to take her classes! She is an EXCELLENT teacher and an amazing hoopdancer…Bella came home from class SO excited about all her new moves and has been practicing since. Danielle inspired me in many ways as well and I can’t wait until the next class because we’ll be working on a lot of things that I want to learn! Yipppeee!

Lucy was enthralled with the girls…she’ll be hooping before we know it! 🙂

After the adult class was over, I asked Danielle to do just a short, 1-minute video clip for me to show you…and she happily obliged. I *love* watching her…she flows so effortlessly and has great “presence”! Enjoy! (click here to see it bigger on the Vimeo site)


23 Jul

I want to introduce you to one of my dearest friends, Rebecca. She has recently fallen in love with the hoop and has started her own little hoop blog to document her journey.

Her blog, “Hoopenanigans” is fabulous and inspiring and I’m always SO EXCITED whenever I see that she has a new post up. She is spreadin’ the hoop love all OVER her little town in South Carolina…check out this sweet sign she painted for her hoop party:

I am looking forward to hooping with Becky…hopefully next year as we travel East. It’s been WAY too long since we’ve seen each other and I just can’t WAIT!  And someday…we will share a bunk bed at Hoop Camp or Hoop Convergence or better yet,  let’s go to Costa Rica! Hoop on sister…now everyone go and show her some *love*!!