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Hoopcamp Music Mix

21 Oct

New music will ignite your hooping practice! If you’re bored and haven’t been hooping as much…change up that same old music you always listen to and press play on these gems.

I’ve even taken the work out of it for you. This is a short playlist of songs that I gathered from people at Hoopcamp. Big thanks to Rich, Spiral, Baxter, Miss Rosie, and Nick Guzzardo for the inspiration!

These are songs that would never have found on my own, but I LOVE hooping to them. So fun. I made it into an iMix if you want to buy the songs on iTunes. Here it is…enjoy!

Music Makes It All Better

10 Jun

The first 3 days of my hooping addiction were somehow devoid of music. It didn’t even occur to me that it would be easier to hoop WHILE listening to music. Which is ridiculous because who hoop DANCES without music?! I know that those of you who discovered hooping at festivals/concerts will think this is crazy, but I was just so focused on getting the tricks that I forgot it was about dancing. Needless to say, I figured it out and got the tunes rollin’. And it was SO much easier to get that hoop moving with the music helping me along.

It is possible to hoop to ANY music…but, there are some songs that are meant to be hooped to! I tried to explain this to my brother as he tried to put on HIS playlist right in the middle of some family reunion hoop time. I know! Can you believe that? 😉

I have NEVER been a fan of electronic/techno music…until now. I seriously cannot get enough. Good stuff. Bella demands that I put on Verbing The Noun first every time we hoop. Several of you have asked what music we are hooping to, so here is the list. I scoured Hoop City and Tribe for recommendations and came up with my very own playlist of tunes. I made an iMix as well. so you can just click here to go directly to iTunes and get the songs you want. Yes, I like Miley Cyrus. Don’t judge me. My favorites right at this moment are Beats Antique, Owl City, and Michael Franti. I want to start making “themed” playlists now.

So the next question is “how do you play the music”!? Hooping is done outside most of the time, so playing it from your computer or stereo isn’t always possible. When we are near a source of electricity, we use our Bose Sounddock and iPhone. I love it because it’s REALLY loud and it thumps that bass. When we don’t have somewhere to plug in, we’ve been using this little speaker system. It’s compact and easy to use…but it really only works well for groups of 2-4. I would love to hear your suggestions for a powerful battery powered compact speaker system for the iPhone. I’m trying to talk Matt into installing a giant sound system on top of the RV 😉 He seems to think we have other improvements that are more important. What!?

Here are some threads and resources for music ideas:
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This is an awesome page of hooping iMixes

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What music are you currently hooping to? Leave me a big ‘ol list or even just your ONE favorite song at the moment. (If you have your playlist on iTunes, leave a link to your iMix. Here are instructions if you don’t know how.)

*Photo Credit: Phil Hilfiker | Flickr Creative Commons License