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What My Hoop Has Taught Me

16 Aug

Hooping has taught me how to surrender.

…how to find joy amidst chaos.

…how to embrace challenges.

…how to enjoy community and family time.

…how to be brave.

…and how to let go.

What have you learned from your hoop lately?

Hooping: A Short Film

10 Aug

Hooping in Solitude

21 May

The first several weeks of my hooping journey have been blissful. I’ve been constantly surrounded by other hoopers…encouraged and inspired by their passion and skills. I realize that this is not the norm for most people who are starting out. Many times, you might be the only person in a 50 mile radius with a hoop (or at least it feels that way!). So I am grateful that I have a home on wheels and that I can travel to seek out hoop community.

However, upon arriving at my parent’s home in Iowa…I had an epiphany. I put on some music, grabbed my hoop and realized that it was the FIRST time I had hooped alone. There was no one to judge. No one to watch. No one to impress. It was just me and the hoop. I felt so free. I was free to dance crazier, faster, slower, you name it. I didn’t care what it looked like and it was amazing.

I haven’t had a moment like it since. I usually have Bella hooping by my side, which results in “Mama, WATCH THIS!!” before every move…or Lucy is sleeping and I can’t turn up the music as loud as I would like. I’ve found myself craving some time alone in the hoop.

I’ve also found myself combining my hooping with prayer time. Changing up the music a bit completely alters the mood and I can turn it into a meditation time instead of just exercise or fun. Just me and Jesus in the hoop. 🙂

What is your favorite time of day to hoop and where?
Do you hoop in a certain room of your house? Outside?
What are your thoughts on hooping alone?
I would love to hear…

*Photo: The lovely Rebecca | Walnut Woods – Des Moines, IA