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Crazy For Polypro

19 Oct

It’s official. I’m completely in love with my new polypro hoop.

I resisted trying one because I thought it might be too “advanced” for me, but I’ve found that it has completely changed my hooping and flow for the better because it’s so light. It has quickly become my favorite hoop!

I have used the 1/2 inch black irrigation tubing and you would think that they would behave much the same way. But they are very different! The best way I can describe the difference is that the polypro is more responsive and less clunky than the regular tubing. It even behaves differently than my HDPE hoop…it’s much more flexible, which makes certain moves easier.

It goes SO fast when I want it to…and lately I’ve really liked hooping to fast stuff (side note: Nick is using a polypro hoop in these videos). Fast hooping = great workout! Hoopcamp + hooping really fast for about 1/2 hour a day makes my body happy in all the right places. Matt has noticed…tee hee 😉

In the photo above, I’m smiling because I’m so HAPPY I can hoop with this smaller/lighter hoop INSIDE the RV! I can spin the heck out of that thing…which is pretty amazing in a small space. With cooler weather upon us, it’s nice to know I can still get my fix.

I’ve cut it down to 35 inches and will probably go down to 34 in the next couple of months. That range seems like my new “happy place”. I have the inside of the hoop “lined” with thin white gaffers, and the outside of the hoop is sanded. I’m pretty rowdy with it on gravel and such, so I don’t have pretty mirror tape covering this one. Just a few pieces to give some color.

I wouldn’t suggest a polypro hoop if you’re just starting out, but don’t be scared to try one! Try new things…spice it up! You’ll like it.

What have YOU done lately to change up your hoop practice? Have any of you tried a polypro hoop?


If you want to make your own Polypro hoop, Rich breaks it all down here.

If you’re not really the DIY type, or you don’t want to buy in bulk…you can get your polypro hoop at the following stores:

Danielle at Hoop Horizon
Lara at Superhooper
Rich and Spiral at Hoop Technique
Kendra at HappyLoveHoops
sells them as well, but her shop is currently closed.