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Unschooling Hoop Troop

14 Jul

This past week, our unschooling “tribe” gathered at North Boulder Park in Boulder, CO and we went hoop crazy!

We taped up some new hoops (40 to be exact!) with all kinds of pretty colors.

Everyone got in on the action.

From the very young… (“don’t even think about touching this hoop” -Lucy)

…to the not so young! 🙂

We all enjoyed our time together. Hooping, sunshine, and great music makes everyone happy!

The Hooping Life Premiere :: Denver Style

7 May

When I first started hooping, there were whispers that a hooping documentary called “The Hooping Life”  was being made…the first of it’s kind. Two years later…I finally had the pleasure of seeing it premiere in Denver! It was the perfect start for my journey back to hooping after giving birth to little Emma 2 weeks ago.

There were lovely vendors with hoop goodies and more…

I caught up with some of my hoopy friends… Nick, Danielle, and MeGzz.

…and my girl Tracy.

Astral Hoops was there spreading the LED hoop love. If you’ve never seen their hoops…be sure to check them out. Incredible! Saving my pennies…they blew my mind!

Danielle and Kanyon opened up the stage for the performances and the show.

Tetra Incendia Fire Troop lit it up.

The actual documentary was very well done…with years of research and interviews included. We laughed and hollered…but also saw that hooping has truly CHANGED LIVES forever. From the inner city hoop programs to coming out of depression…we were all reminded of the power of the hoop.

There were many live performances at the event…but being that I was juggling a newborn and 2 cameras, I was only able to get four of them 🙂 Excuse the shaky camera! Emma woke up right at they were starting!

One of my favorites was Nick & kiT…they have a fantastic connection and energy and are a joy to watch. Check out their promo here. Enjoy…

*A big thanks to Holly HooPs for being the coordinator for this event!

Red Rocks Flow

16 Feb

My friend Becky was in town from South Carolina last weekend and we enjoyed an awesome Spin Summit flow jam at Red Rocks!
It was a little snowier than we expected, but all in all, it was delightful. Neither of us had been to the amphitheater before, so it was super fun to be there…on the stage!

Photographic opportunities were plentiful…be sure to check out the entire set!

HoopPath Boulder // Day 1

29 Jan

This weekend is the long-awaited Hoop Path workshop in Boulder! For those of you who don’t know, we recently stopped traveling full-time and settled down in Longmont, CO (just 12 mi. from Boulder). It’s so nice to have such a lovely hoop community here. I feel so blessed.

I LOVED Baxter’s opening ceremony/sequence at Hoopcamp…and have been looking forward to attending a full workshop for quite some time. The first night was everything I had hoped it would be…meditative and freeing with some LOUD thumping music to make my soul sing. If you’ve never hooped to hip-hop music…you’re really missing out 🙂

I have many friends at the workshop…including Leah and Mia, who drove all the way from Des Moines, Iowa yesterday!! So fun to flow with friends all around.

Here are some images from Day One! Full set on Facebook and Flickr. More to come!

New York Hoop Scene

25 Oct

Check out this sweet video posted by Rich at Isopop. It left me smiling. 🙂
(parental advisory: one “swear” word around 1:50 for those watching with kiddos nearby).


The Hooping Family Tree

31 Aug

Lara of Superhooper fame is taking on a HUGE project…and I love it. She is creating a “Hooping Family Tree” to show the beautiful connections between all hoopers.

Click on over to her site right now and enter your information, including your “hoop parent”! It only takes a minute. You can also support this project by shopping at Superhooper and Hoop Pretty.

If you aren’t reading Lara’s blog, Hooposophy, on a regular basis…you should be! Her writing is thought-provoking, original, and intelligent. I love me some Lara!

Bozeman Hoopers

28 Aug

The Bozeman Hoopers meet up 4 blocks from our campsite in Bozeman…so you can imagine how excited I get on Friday mornings! We’ve been riding our bikes down there the past couple of weeks…and we’ll be here for one more session before we head West.

I’ve learned so much from these ladies! It’s so fun to hoop with different people everywhere we go because everyone has such different styles and each is interested in different movements.  I try to be very intentional about seeking out hoopers in the cities we visit for this reason. The Bozeman group is especially delightful because everyone is super new to hooping (just this summer)…so there is a different energy there than there is with a group that has been hooping for a long time. Love it. More photos here.

Questions of the day: Who do you hoop with? Do you have a hoop group that you meet up with? If it appears that you are the only hooper in your area…have you taken steps to start a group?