Bike + Hoop = True Love

20 Aug

I am in love with my cruiser. I am in love with hooping. So why not combine the two!? Matt recently rigged the Burley so I can carry all the hoops as I bike. In this photo, we were loading up to go to the Bozeman Hoopers Friday meetup. And it was!

It’s a group that just started meeting this summer…and it was such a blast to teach each other new moves and hoop it up on a beautiful summer day in Montana. I have a feeling I’ll be doing A LOT of hooping while we’re here 🙂

One Response to “Bike + Hoop = True Love”

  1. Annie August 20, 2010 at 7:08 pm #

    Were you bringing extra hoops for friends? or do you have a variety of hoops? If so, what are the different types?

    As for your cruiser.. I have a giant cruiser that I ride to work everyday.. and do most of my errands.. ever since I started riding my bike it’s amazing how much money I save on driving.. plus I made it mine by decorating a cool basket.. it’s great to sit upright and wave and talk to my neighbors.. people smile and wave.. they’re probably laughing at me but I don’t care.. they smile, I smile.. life is good! Oh! My cruiser’s name is Ellie Mae.. here’s a link to see what she looks like

    Hoop on!

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