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Electro Circus

16 Jul

I love Austin, Texas…but after watching this video, I love it even more! 🙂 I learned how to “hoop for real” in Austin…so it will always have a special place in my heart. Although, when we were there this spring, I had barely tapped into the hooping community there.

This video is from an event called Electro Circus….acroyoga, poi, hooping, and much more! It appears that they meet every Sunday evening in Zilker Park…check out their Facebook page for more info, photos, and videos. It makes me a little crazy to know this was happening while we were there and I didn’t know about it…but I will be there next spring! Anyone want to join me? 🙂

A Lesson With Laura

21 May

My Mother’s Day gift this year was a private hooping lesson with the fabulous Laura Scarborough, founder of HoopCircle in Austin, TX. I was giddy with excitement leading up to that day. When I arrived, Laura put on some sweet tunes and we started warming up. She gave me a lot of new ideas and ways of moving to promote “hoop awareness” 🙂

Over the next hour, she filled my mind with oodles of hoop goodness. So much new stuff! It was great to be able to ask her about little problems I had been having with certain moves. I wish I could have had TWO hours!! The video above is a little peek at our lesson. And even though it’s weird to see myself hooping for the first time (haven’t had any mirrors around!)….I’m glad I took it. This way, I can look back in a year and see how much progress I’ve made!

Almost all hoopdance instructors have private lessons available. If you have a chance to take a lesson in your area…do it! It’s so much fun and the one-on-one help is priceless. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

One last thing…I loved Laura’s rainbow travel hoop so much that I just had to order myself one. It arrived last week and it’s the hoop in my header photo for this blog! It’s so pretty!! She sells them on her site as well as locally in Austin.