Friday Nights + Pretty Lights

1 Sep

Havin’ some fun on a Friday night…lovin’ the groove of Pretty Lights.

Pink + Bieber

17 Aug

Having some fun on a Friday evening. πŸ™‚ With 3 kiddos, I haven’t been making a lot of videos, but have been inspired by the Hoop 30 Facebook group! So much to love over there. It’s open to new members now, but still a private group. Message me if you want to join!

What My Hoop Has Taught Me

16 Aug

Hooping has taught me how to surrender.

…how to find joy amidst chaos.

…how to embrace challenges.

…how to enjoy community and family time.

…how to be brave.

…and how to let go.

What have you learned from your hoop lately?

Learning To Flow

7 Aug

Almost done with the first week of Hoop 30 Challenge and I’m feeling SO refreshed. There has been so much tied up in this for me.

I’m coming into a new awareness of who I am as a mother. Learning how to FLOW with three children is not an easy task. Just as finding my flow after not hooping for awhile has been a process.

During the days, I’ve wondered how I would ever get out to hoop…and yet, when I just dropped everything where it was and did it, wonderful things happened. I remembered how much I love to be outdoors in the evening. I remembered how fun it is to roll in the grass with my children.

Some days have come more naturally than others, but I’m making progress. Finding that blissful state again.

There are so many emotions that flow through my hoop. It refines me and helps me process.

…and the music! Oh the music. Several people in the Hoop 30 group have posted new Spotify music and it’s so fun explore playlists and find a song that just moves me. Physically AND emotionally.

Some that have really been awesome for me lately:

Farther Along :: Josh Garrels
Breakdown More :: Eric Hutchinson
I Won’t Give Up :: Jason Mraz

Lots of late night hooping…

…which means sometimes I have to take a break to focus on the more important things…but it’s all part of the journey. Much love to everyone who is on this journey with me.

**for those of you who had trouble with the links in the previous post, you need to add Alicia as a friend and tell her you want to join because it’s a private FB group.

Some Kind of Magic

2 Aug

It’s been a LONG time since I hooped on a regular basis. So today when I saw Alicia challenging everyone to “Hoop 30 in August” (see comment below for how to join), I knew this was my chance!

I’m such a perfectionist that I don’t normally join extended challenges, but I love all the people participating and you know I love me some hoopin’. So here I am.

We just flew into Iowa last night to spend 3 weeks with my parents, so I will be doing most of my hooping here. I won’t blog every day, but I will share when I’m inspired. And I sure was tonight!

Knowing that time was ticking away on the day, I ran to the backyard with my hoop (and with Emma in the Boba) did a little warming up. It was dusk and the nearly full moon was shining down. The locusts were playing their song. It was beautiful. This was cut short by two little girls squealing in the bathtub with bubbles half way to the ceiling.

Later on…I finally got Lucy to sleep atΒ  9:30 p.m. I came downstairs and cranked up the music. I would have gone outside, but it was pitch dark and Emma was still up. So I put her in the seat and started my session. Similar to a meditative or prayer time, my mind wandered endlessly in the beginning:

“….I wish I could have brought more hoops on the airplane…I like how swishy this skirt is….I wonder how many calories this is burning….stop thinking about calories silly girl…just flow…ooops…sorry cat….I wish I could hoop like Brecken….I shouldn’t have eaten that spicy food tonight….”

So, as you can see…I wasn’t quite in a zen hooping state of mind.

But as I let myself continue to hoop without interruption, I found myself slipping into that familiar blissful state. The chatter in my mind faded and the words of the music filled my soul. Once again, hooping was like a balm to this frazzled mama.

The next song that played was Joshua Radin’s “Brand New Day” and I laughed out loud when I heard the first verse:

Some kind of magic
Happens late at night
When the moon smiles down at me
And bathes me in its light

Yes!! There is “some of of magic that happens late at night” when a mama picks up her hoop and spins it…even though she is tired.

Even though she is weary from the day’s struggles.
Even when the house is a mess.
Even ifΒ  it’s not the perfect setting.
Just hoop!

Join me…let’s all shoot for 30 minutes of hooping a day in August! Join the FB group and join in the fun. If you’re on Instagram, tag your photos with the hashtag #hoop30.

* * * * * * * *

My playlist for Day 1:

Don’t Wait for Me – Josh Garrels
Zion & Babylon -Josh Garrels
Rejoice and Lament – Josh Garrels
Jacaranda Tree – Josh Garrels
Brand New Day – Joshua Radin
High Tide or Low Tide – Ben Harper and Jack Johnson
Breakdown More – Eric Hutchinson
Fix You – Coldplay
I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz

Unschooling Hoop Troop

14 Jul

This past week, our unschooling “tribe” gathered at North Boulder Park in Boulder, CO and we went hoop crazy!

We taped up some new hoops (40 to be exact!) with all kinds of pretty colors.

Everyone got in on the action.

From the very young… (“don’t even think about touching this hoop” -Lucy)

…to the not so young! πŸ™‚

We all enjoyed our time together. Hooping, sunshine, and great music makes everyone happy!

Superhooper Polypro Winner!

5 Jul

And the winner is…


Thank you Amanda for your thoughtful response…you’re the winner of TWO polypro hoops of your choice. Thank you also to all who entered! Jump over to Superhooper to get your own polypro hoop! Happy hooping everyone!

*photo courtesy of

Superhooper Polypro Pair Giveaway

28 Jun

I absolutely adore my Superhooper polypro hoops…so when Lara offered to give away a PAIR to one of my readers, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spread the love!

Their new line of “sea glass” hoops immediately caught my eye. I LOVE the ocean…and these remind me of the time I’ve spent there. These colors are absolutely beautiful. They have now added yellow translucent as well…and I’m kind of in love with that one πŸ™‚

If you’re new to polypro hoops, you can read about my love for them here.

Look! My toes match my hoop! πŸ™‚ Everyone does that, right?

To win a PAIR of polypro hoops (your choice of 14 colors!)…

  • Leave me a comment and tell me why hooping makes you happy!

Optional extra entries (leave a separate comment for each one):

  • β€œLIKE” Superhooper on Facebook
  • Share this giveaway on your Facebook page
  • Share this giveaway on Twitter

Entries will be accepted through midnight on July 3, 2012.

P.S. Be sure to check out Lara’s conference…Circumference. It looks amazing! And definitely read through her Hooposophy archives…such good stuff there.

*linky love*
skirt: Poor Pitiful Pearl
shirt & “enjoy the process” patch: Texture Clothing
shoes: Birkenstock Gizeh

Hoop Jam

15 Jun

A friend of mine sent me this video and I loved it so much I wanted to share it with you too! It’s a short little documentary about Stefanie Moser’s experience with the hoop. Sweet & inspirational.

Be Inspired

22 May

Lately I’ve been watching more hoop videos to inspire my hoopy self back into a daily practice. This one is awesome. There is just something magical about a festival setting…and a girl with dreads. Probably also explains why this older clip of Spiral is one of my all time faves as well. I could watch it over and over! πŸ™‚

What are you watching/doing right now that is inspiring you in your own practice?
New music? Videos? New moves? Share!